Dannelle LeBlanc, Certified SENIOR ADVISOR & CareGiving Consultant

Dannelle LeBlanc, Certified SENIOR ADVISOR & CareGiving Consultant

Dannelle LeBlanc, Certified SENIOR ADVISOR & CareGiving Consultant Dannelle LeBlanc, Certified SENIOR ADVISOR & CareGiving Consultant


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Welcome to CareGiver Transitions. It’s an honor to be a part of an incredible community of people who care for an aging or chronically ill family member or friend.  

We are daughters, sons, spouses, parents, grandchildren, and friends committed to doing our best. We are the foundation of our health care system, providing an estimated $35 billion in care annually here in Texas (estimated over $470 billion nationally). 

Most of us don't start out calling ourselves "family caregivers". We care because we love, or perhaps due to family obligation. We may begin by "just helping out", or due to a medical crisis.

Before we know it, we can be overwhelmed by the responsibilities and stress of managing a family member's personal, medical, home, legal, financial, and social care needs.

Caregiving can be an isolating experience, and yet 3.4 million Texans (and 40+ million people across the U.S.) are impacted by it's challenges. 

We do our best to adjust to the impact on our physical, emotional, workplace, and financial well being, but we need real help.  According to a 2017 report by Embracing Carers, the majority of family caregivers do not feel supported or valued by their community. 

CareGiver Transitions helps connect family caregivers, businesses and community organizations to support, resources, and information to sustain caregiving.

We thank you for the care you give.

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 In recognition of National Family Caregivers Month, we’re honored to share stories of endurance, hope, and extraordinary care from family caregivers across North Texas!


This special series features individuals who live and breathe the daily joys and challenges of caring for a family member due to aging, chronic illness or differences in ability. Be inspired by their endurance, hope, and extraordinary care.

Tammy's Story


The sacrifices we make in our personal lives to care for aging parents is exemplified by Tammy, who essentially runs her own assisted living residence for family members. 

Tammy's heart for service has extended to helping others through a support group at her church, and other faith based community activities.


Watch Tammy's story here.

Kylie's Story


As a licensed clinical therapist, the physical and emotional toll of caring for a newborn with critical care needs as well as acutely ill parents was no less overwhelming for Kylie.

Through her journey she learned techniques and skills to help others through the challenges of both family and professional caregiving.

Watch Kylie's story here

Martha's Story


It's been a tough road to find peace for Martha, who cares for her husband with frontotemporal degeneration (FTD) and  amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS – Lou Gehrig’s disease). 

Hear how she fought to find a diagnosis, and how she learned to empower herself in her caregiving journey. 


Watch Martha's story here.

Wilma's Story


Wilma cares for both her mom and husband, while also working outside the home. In spite of every effort to be and do it all, she began to burn out from the stress of around the clock care.

Watch Wilma's story of perseverance, love, and hope.


Watch Wilma’s story here.

Nancy's Story


When Nancy, a physical therapist, began caring for her mom with white matter disease, she never expected the journey to become a marathon.

Through 8 years of caregiving, she’s learned the profound grief of watching her mother’s decline could not keep her from finding joy.

Watch Nancy’s story of endurance, and the wisdom of letting go.


Watch Nancy's story here.

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2019 Caregiving Navigation Seminars

Thank You North Central Texas!


 A big THANK YOU to all who joined us across North Central Texas for our Caregiving Navigation seminars in person and online!

We are grateful to our wonderful sponsors for hosting our 1,200+ mile mission to connect with family caregivers throughout the region. 

 We also thank Haiman Hogue PLLC and Senior Care Authority for contributing as guest experts. 

This program prioritizes the need for support resources in under-served and/or rural communities.

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Your Feedback


It makes a difference to receive support from others who get it. Here's what family caregivers had to say about our Caregiving Navigation seminars:

 "In working with seniors, this program was extremely informative, helpful and much needed for all caregivers."

- Eileen A. 

 "Underscored importance of how thoroughly to prepare beforehand. Excellent presentation and thought provoking." 

- Don H. 


"The program and content was SENSATIONAL!!"

- Sherie K


Essential Oils for Caregiving

 We had a beautiful time sharing stories and ways to use Essential Oils for Caregiving!

 Many thanks to Oxford Grand Assisted Living and Memory Care in McKinney for your dedicated support of resident caregivers. 

A special thanks to Kylie Walker with MeTime Counseling for sharing your relaxation techniques and insights!

Download a free Essential Oils for Caregiving Guide here.







 The National Caregiving Conference was an incredibly empowering, informative, and fun experience! It was wonderful to be in the company of so many compassionate, determined, beautiful souls.  


  If unable to attend, session packages are now available here: 



 Thank you to all the participants, presenters, sponsors, and Caregiving.com founder Denise Brown for your amazing work!  


What is Good Days Patient Assistance?


Good Days Patient Assistance programs provide financial help for people who battle a chronic illness or life-altering condition.

Clients not only receive help with many of the financial costs of care, but also connections to resources and community partners for additional support.

Learn more about Good Days Patient Assistance programs in support of people battling a chronic or life-altering illness, and their caregivers here.

The Exchange


 Executive Director of Good Days Clorinda Walley interviews Peyton Manning.

The 2019 Good Days Exchange brings awareness and celebrates those who work in relentless support to address the impact of chronic illness.

Inspired Stories


 The Exchange welcomed guests from across the country, including those who have received life saving help from Good Days assistance programs.

 Jake Olson, Courtney Clark, Naomi Judd, and keynote Peyton Manning each shared their inspiring story overcoming a chronic or life-altering condition.

Our congratulations and heartful thanks to Clorinda Walley and her amazing team! 

June 5, 2019: The 6 Stages of Caregiving

Hosted by: Caregiving Heroes of First UMC Coppell



Join us for a presentation of The Six Stages of Caregiving on Wednesday, June 5 at 7 p.m. (Room 306) at the First United Methodist Church Coppell.

The Six Stages of Caregiving is an innovative concept developed by family caregiving expert Denise M. Brown. 

As we move through each stage, our role and relationship with our caree changes. We can better adjust to the stress and challenges of providing care when we understand our changing roles and purpose.

Many thanks to Caregiving Heroes for your support of family caregivers in the community!

RSVP Contact: Marilyn Horton, marhorton@gmail.com, 972-393-1304

Details here:


Inaugural Regional Caregiving Conference Southwest


Thank you to all who joined us for the Inaugural Regional Caregiving Conference Southwest in  Wimberley, Texas!

Attendees participated in educational and inspired caregiving sessions throughout the day, and  had the following to say about the conference:


"Emotionally and  intellectually supportive, meaningful. Insightful. Encouraging and  spiritually enlightening. Filled with practical ideas and delicious  food! Thanks!" - Diane 

"Thank you so much for  putting this seminar on for us caregivers. What an incredible source of  information and encouragement. For bringing such solid and informed  speakers, many of them walking the same or similar  caregiving roles." - Gail

"Outstanding!!  Motivating! Great learning experience. Eye-opening content. Well  organized, excellent food, good networking opportunity. Thank you!!" -  Rosa 



We are so grateful to all of our exhibitors, volunteers, and sponsors including American Advisors Group (AAG), TBI Warrior Foundation and Alexis Point Senior Living. 

A special thanks to our host, caregiving expert Denise M. Brown and founder of Caregiving.com. For information about the 4th Annual National Caregiving Conference visit here.


Conference highlights included keynote speaker Bruce McIntyre, who delivered his presentation "Thrive Anyway: 12 Lessons After 12 Years of Chronic Illness and Caregiving." 

As part of our full day of caregiving sessions, attendees enjoyed a fantastic presentation from local expert Martha Fiddes with North Texas Qi Gong (featured above).


It was an honor for Caregiver Transitions to serve as co-host and organizer. Many thanks to all!

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