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3rd Annual National Caregiving Conference 3rd Annual Caregiving Conference

This is the place to be November 8-11, 2018!

Registration is open for the 3rd Annual National #Caregiving Conference, Nov. 8-11. If you care for or cared for a family member, you'll want to join us. If you work with family caregivers or offer a caregiving product or service, you'll want to join us in Chicago or virtually:  

Our Mission

CareGiver Transitions' mission is to provide meaningful, practical, and self-compassionate tools that empower people who care for a family member, friend, or someone else throughout the caregiving journey.  

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About Us

CareGiver Transitions

About CareGiver Transitions

For most us, we don't start out calling ourselves "caregivers". We often begin by "just helping out", and before we know it, we're barely keeping our heads above water in the middle of nowhere without a north star.

It's amazing the difference a map can make.


The most frequently used maps available for caregivers are centered around “how to” care for our care recipient depending on their disease state, daily care needs, etc. The problem is not the maps available for how to care for our care recipient, but that caregivers are missing the map they need for their own way through the forest.

CareGiver Transitions provides practical tools for caregivers to choose their next steps with purpose and greater clarity. Each consultation and training program acknowledges the realities of caregiving as a uniquely difficult experience. 

As caregivers, we make decisions that are the best possible decision for both ourselves and our care recipient in any given moment. CareGiver Transitions helps caregivers, senior care professionals, and others concerned with the impact of caregiving to identify opportunities and gain practical insight into a caregiving experience. 

In addition to Dannelle’s 20+ years experience in health care, patient support, and corporate training, she is also trained as a Certified Senior Advisor working with older adults to help manage the challenges of aging. When completing her training as a Certified Caregiving Consultant and Educator, she was inspired by Denise M. Brown, a leading pioneer in recognizing and responding to the needs of caregivers since the early '90's. 

With the right map, we can not only make it through, but also thrive because of our caregiving experiences.

With gratitude,

Dannelle LeBlanc, CSA, CCC, CCE

Your Story

What does it mean to be a caregiver? 

Whether you care for someone with chronic physical or cognitive disease in your home, in the next town, or across the country, you are a caregiver. You may be the only one or one of many, just beginning to realize a loved one needs help, in the trenches, unrelated, estranged, or a former caregiver. 

No matter where you are, you have a story, and choices to make. We spend so much time focusing on our care recipient (as it should be), and as the experience intensifies our own needs easily get lost along the way.

What’s the best next step for you?

Whatever choice you make, I highly recommend finding support from a community that understands and freely talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly of caregiving. has incredible, real-time support chatrooms where you can join as a member or as an anonymous guest.  

If you’re looking for personalized help with your caregiving situation, I help caregivers to find their right answers with a practical and compassionate approach. 

No matter where you are, you deserve care too.

Dannelle LeBlanc, Certified Caregiver Consultant and Educator, Certified Senior Advisor

Dannelle's Story

Welcome to CareGiver Transitions. It’s an honor to be among you as part of an incredible caregiver and senior care community!

The heart of my caregiving story is my mother Geneveve Golden Banks, who left a lasting gift of love as a family caregiver, social worker, and compassionate ally for so many, family and strangers alike.

Having been a caregiver for my father-in-law with Parkinson’s, I understand how very difficult and isolating it can be to walk a caregiving path. I experienced both successes and failures over a span of 12 years as a caregiver, wife, mother of two uniquely wonderful children, and professional working outside the home.

It was a struggle to create balance for the sake of my physical, emotional, and spiritual well being, as well as in my relationships. I allowed my health to retreat to the back burner, and it took an abdominal tumor to bring my attention back to my own needs. 


After my father-in-law passed away, I decided to help other caregivers find their way through their own caregiving experiences. It is so rewarding to help others find what works for them to preserve well-being during a caregiving experience.

As a Certified Caregiving Consultant, Certified Caregiving Educator, and Certified Senior Advisor, I offer innovative, practical, and purposeful tools for caregivers, senior care professionals, and others concerned with the impact of caregiving in the workplace, at home, and in society at large.

I look forward to helping you find what works for you today.

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For Professionals

CareGiver Transitions offers innovative, practical, and purposeful tools for Senior Care Professionals, Human Resources, and others concerned with the impact of caregiving in our society at large. 

CE credits are available for eligible care professionals. 

Contact us for more information about our seminars, workshops, or speaking engagements. 

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