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As family caregivers, we can be consumed by the impact of illness in our loved ones. 

Simultaneously, the impact of caregiving in our own lives is difficult to navigate. 

How might insightful help centered in the perspective of family caregivers make a difference? 

Reserve your seat today for a FREE Caregiving Navigation session, now available throughout North Texas!

This training program is made possible by a grant from the North Central Texas Council of Governments.  

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Who Should Attend?

This innovative, engaging course is for:

  • People who care (or expect to care) for an aging family member or friend. 
  • Senior care professionals and others concerned with the impact of caregiving

What Will Attendees Gain?

Participants will gain innovative insights, information, and resources to help navigate the impact of caring for an aging family member.

Caregiving Navigation sessions are inspired by the 6 Stages of Caregiving, an eye-opening concept developed by caregiving expert Denise M. Brown. 

Family caregivers will receive information and encouragement to:


  • Prepare for what may be next.  
  • Address concerns that effect physical, emotional, work, and financial well-being. 
  • Resolve common challenges before, during, and after caregiving.
  • Consider ways to transition successfully into a life after caregiving.


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Available throughout most of the North Central Texas region June, July, and August 2019. Family Caregivers are invited to attend with FREE registration.


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In the News

Inaugural Regional Caregiving Conference Southwest


Thank you to all who joined us for the Inaugural Regional Caregiving Conference Southwest in  Wimberley, Texas!

Attendees participated in educational and inspired caregiving sessions throughout the day, and  had the following to say about the conference:


"Emotionally and  intellectually supportive, meaningful. Insightful. Encouraging and  spiritually enlightening. Filled with practical ideas and delicious  food! Thanks!" - Diane 

"Thank you so much for  putting this seminar on for us caregivers. What an incredible source of  information and encouragement. For bringing such solid and informed  speakers, many of them walking the same or similar  caregiving roles." - Gail

"Outstanding!!  Motivating! Great learning experience. Eye-opening content. Well  organized, excellent food, good networking opportunity. Thank you!!" -  Rosa 



We are so grateful to all of our exhibitors, volunteers, and sponsors including American Advisors Group (AAG), TBI Warrior Foundation and Alexis Point Senior Living. 

A special thanks to our host Caregiving.com. For information about the 4th Annual National Caregiving Conference visit here.


Conference highlights included keynote speaker Bruce McIntyre, who delivered his presentation "Thrive Anyway: 12 Lessons After 12 Years of Chronic Illness and Caregiving." 

As part of our full day of caregiving sessions, attendees enjoyed a fantastic presentation from local expert Martha Fiddes with North Texas Qi Gong (featured above).


It was an honor for Caregiver Transitions to serve as co-host and organizer. Many thanks to all!

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For Professionals

CareGiver Transitions offers innovative, practical, and purposeful tools for Senior Care Professionals, Human Resources, and others concerned with the impact of caregiving in our society at large. 

CE credits are available for eligible care professionals. 

Contact us for more information about our seminars, workshops, or speaking engagements. 

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