Dannelle LeBlanc, Certified SENIOR ADVISOR & CareGiving Consultant


What Family Caregivers Say


In the words of North Central Texas FAMILY CAREGIVERS:


Tommy G.

"Your presentation was outstanding and very helpful. You are personable, caring, knew how to respond to questions. 

You had excellent interaction with us and was able to affirm us positively. You were with us instead of being distant and apart from us.

You communicated your thoughts clearly and your [Caregiving Navigation] notebook and PowerPoint was well written."

Jorene G.

"Excellent presentation along with Caregiving Navigation notebooks which when filled in will have our plan and all information necessary for anyone who needs to step in to help." 

Krystyna I.

"The most valuable materials were the CARE PLAN and RESOURCES as I am in the EXPECTANT stage." 

Dana W.

 "Great Resources. Great Program!" 

Sherie K.

"The program and content was SENSATIONAL!!  Dannelle has done an amazing  job documenting all the thoughts and struggles caregivers encounter."   

Leta G.

"Great program, well educated speaker on all the subjects presented."


Peg G.

“This was really worthwhile. I now think I can find out places and people who can help us get through this journey. Dannelle is dynamic!!”

Danni H.

"Resources are very extensive."

Karan H.

"Wonderful tips and support techniques in dealing with caree. I needed this!"  

Janet L.

"Excellent presentation. So informative and helpful. I'm so grateful for the [Caregiving Navigation] notebook full of resources and a detailed care plan. Thanks so much."

Cammy D.

"What a blessing to have attended this program. The stages of caregiving validated my thoughts, and the resources binder is a treasure trove of information." 

Don H.

"Underscored importance of how thoroughly to prepare beforehand. Excellent presentation and thought provoking." 


Eileen A.

"In working with seniors, this program was extremely informative, helpful and much needed for all caregivers."  

Judy C.

"This program is invaluable and will save many people hundreds of hours in time and money!"

Denise G.

 "I was able to share feelings I needed to vent." 

Susan H.

"Dannelle is a wealth of practical knowledge. It is affirming to hear her message. I certainly appreciate the resources and checklists that were provided."



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