Dannelle LeBlanc, Certified SENIOR ADVISOR & CareGiving Consultant

Our Mission

CareGiver Transitions' mission is to provide meaningful, practical, and self-compassionate tools that empower people who care (or cared) for a family member due to aging, chronic disease, or differences in ability.

  • Innovative Training Sessions, Opportunities, & Education for Family Caregivers
  • Care Transitions Support (for caregivers and care recipients)
  • Caregiving Tools, Resources, and Referrals 

Our Reason

About CareGiver Transitions

CareGiver Transitions

 Welcome to CareGiver Transitions. It’s an honor to be a part of an incredible caregiver and senior care community!

Most of us don't start out calling ourselves "family caregivers". We often begin by "just helping out", and before we know it, we're overwhelmed by unanticipated challenges.

Meaningful support and purposeful navigation tools make an amazing difference.


Most resources available for caregivers are centered around providing care for our care recipient. Equally important are tools and resources to navigate the impact of caregiving in our own life.

CareGiver Transitions provides meaningful tools for caregivers to choose their next steps with purpose and greater clarity. Each consultation and training program acknowledges the realities of caregiving as a uniquely difficult experience. 

As caregivers, we make decisions that are the best possible decision for both ourselves and our care recipient in any given moment. CareGiver Transitions helps caregivers, senior care professionals, and others concerned with the impact of caregiving to identify opportunities and gain practical insight into a caregiving experience.

 We look forward to helping you find what works for you today!

Your Story


What does it mean to be a Family Caregiver? 

 Whether you care for a relative due to aging, chronic physical or cognitive disease, or differences in ability, you are a family caregiver. 

You may be the only one or one of several providing care. You could live locally to your care recipient or long distance. 

Perhaps you're just beginning to realize a family member or friend needs more help.


You may be overwhelmed with the tasks and responsibilities of caregiving, and yet it seems like no one notices you're drowning. 

Or maybe your caregiving journey is now over, and you're feeling shell shocked and uncertain about how to move forward. 

No matter where you are, you have a story, and choices to make. 

We spend so much time focusing on our care recipient (as it should be). As the experience intensifies, it's no wonder our own needs get lost along the way.

What’s the best next step for you?

No one knows better than you do. My role is to help family caregivers find what works for them, based on circumstances, values, and what's most important to them as an individual and caregiver. 

No matter where you are, you deserve care too.

About Dannelle


Dannelle LeBlanc is a Certified Senior Advisor, Caregiving Consultant & Educator. She merges her experience as caregiver for her father-in-law with 20+ years in health care, patient advocacy and support services, and educational training.

Her work is inspired by her mother Geneveve Golden Banks, who left a lasting gift of love as a family caregiver, social worker, and compassionate ally for so many, family and strangers alike.


Dannelle is a leadership member of the DFW Certified Senior Advisor network, member of the Dallas Area Gerontological Society (DAGS), and Senior Services Alliance. She participates in local initiatives for caregiving and senior related services, as well as nationally at the Annual National Caregiving Conference in Chicago. 

Dannelle offers individual consultations as well as training for organizations, businesses, and others related to the impact of caregiving. She leads a local support group, helping people caring for a family member gain confidence in finding what works for them. 

Dannelle is a grant award recipient of the North Central Texas Council of Governments to deliver training to family caregivers throughout north central Texas regions. 

She also works as a program trainer in partnership with Caregiving.com. Dannelle recently served as co-host and organizer for the 1st Regional Caregiving Conference Southwest, a localized outreach under the umbrella of the National Caregiving Conference.

Dannelle continues to be inspired by the stories and endurance of current and former family caregivers wherever they are. 

For Professionals

CareGiver Transitions offers innovative, practical, and purposeful tools for Senior Care Professionals, Human Resources, and others concerned with the impact of caregiving in our society at large. 

CE credits are available for eligible care professionals. 

Contact us for more information about our seminars, workshops, or speaking engagements. 

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